Finland's number 
one automotive 
industry event

AKL SUMMIT / Helsinki 31.10.2019

Presentations for future winners

Brought to you by the Finnish Central Organisation for Motor Trades and Repairs (AKL), AKL Summit presents an impressive range of top Finnish and international presenters. Refresh your knowledge, find new inspiration and take the best ideas with you.

Finland CEO, Growth Tribe Academy
asianajaja, Roschier Asianajotoimisto
johdon valmentaja, HRM Partners
entrepreneur, Varusteleka
Leader, Businessman
Host and moderator
  • Anssi Rantanen
  • Anu Waaralinna
  • Päivi Pentti
  • Valtteri Lindholm
  • Kevin Gaskell
  • André Noël Chaker

Develop. Renew. Network.

AKL Summit brings together around 1,000 influential figures in the automotive industry. Come to meet your colleagues and major operators in the field in Finlandia Hall, Helsinki.

About AKL Summit